Two bankruptcies – same debt

by Questions on October 11, 2010

In 2001 a bankruptcy was confirmed that contained a mortgage on a personal residence in the value of $103,000.00. The action was taken due to a marital breakup.
For 5 years the person initiating the bankruptcy stayed in the matrimonial home and ma

intained the mortgage payments for 5 years.
In the sixth year they could no longer maintain the mortage payments and filed bankruptcy again.
The question is can two bankruptcies contain the same debt obligation? If this is not equitable is there a remedy under law? casino slots no download


Student Loan

October 11, 2010

Is there a chance of my 5 and 1/2 year old student loans old being included if I file for bankruptcy through being in hardship? What is deemed as being in hardship living in the vancouver area? Thanks, ~T casi levitra without prescription no slots

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October 11, 2010

We are currently dissolving a partnership business that was operating for 1 year and accumulated: income tax, EI and CPP deductions; supplier owing, over drawn personal credit cards,etc. Combination of bad management, growing too quickly and not h buy generic cialis online aving the right employees. Partnership is currently being dissolved. Number of employees down […]

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Bankruptcy & Taxes

May 5, 2009

Question: I am self employed and owe a great deal both in personal income taxes and GST, does filing personal bankruptcydissolve these debts? Answer: Yes, personal bankruptcy discharges tax debts. However, it is important to make a plan so that in the future you don’t get behind on your taxes. We strongly recommend that you […]

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personal and business bankruptcy

October 27, 2008

Question: If i have debt that is both personal and from my own business do i file bankruptcy separately? or can it all be filed together?Answer: If you have a corporation, the corporation’s debts can only be discharged if the corporation files bankruptcy. You would be able to personally file bankruptcy on any debts in […]

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Tax Debts and Credit Cards

August 10, 2008

Question: I have 30,000 credit card debt and haven’t filed taxes in 15 years. i have worked for cash, straight check,and under a company in my own name,for which i have no records . haven’t worked for months buy viagra cheap and need to resolve this situation. where do i start? Answer: If you truly […]

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Proposal Vs Bakruptcy

October 27, 2007

Question: I owe approximately $50,000 to mainly one bank (loan + credit card). I have a job that is $2, 800 net after income tax. I would like to know if I can make a

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Available Assets

November 1, 2006

If an individual was in the process of initiating a bankruptcy, and at that time that person believed they had a significant asset held in trust by someone else, would the individual be required to use that asset to pay buy clomid online her creditors? Would she be required to declare the asset on her […]

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Leased auto – status in bankruptcy

August 30, 2006

I owe $50,000 in credit card debt and can not meet the minimum payments any more. I know bankruptcy is an option for me. My question is, can I include a leased automobile in a bankruptcy? My payments are too high cialis online and it is a lemon.

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